Welcome to Melted Snow Company, your go-to destination for the ultimate frozen treats! Located in the heart of West Texas, we take pride in serving this vibrant community. Come along with us as we embark on a delightful adventure, creating delicious shaved ice and freeze dried treats that ensure you stay refreshingly cool!
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Get Melted


Blue Coconut, Strawberry, Banana. Rainbow Belt Candy & Whip Cream.

Pool Party

Blue Coconut. Gummy Bears & Peach Ring.


Wedding Cake, Pink Bubblegum. Cream & Pink Sprinkles.

Space Cowboy

Lemon, Blue Raspberry. Sour Spray & Rainbow Belt Candy.

One in a Melon

Watermelon. Chamoy, Tajin & Lime Juice.

Orange Dreamer

Orange Cream Soda Ice Cream, Cream & Whip Cream.


Your Choice of Flavor. Chamoy, Tajin & Pickles.

Strawberry -N- Cream

Strawberry Cheesecake. Cream, Ice Cream & Whip Cream.

The Rig

Root Beer. Cream, Ice Cream, Whip Cream & Cherry.

¬°Hola Cola!

Cola, Cherry. Cream, Ice Cream & Cola Gummies.

Our Story

Melted Snow Company is dedicated to crafting delightful experiences and delectable treats in the heart of West Texas. The concept for Melted emerged during the summer of 2020 as we stood on a Florida beach, reminiscing about our own home's sandy landscape. We were dreaming of ways to infuse more vibrancy into our community. After brainstorming various ideas, we unanimously landed on the exhilarating world of snow cones! Our mission is for customers to forever recall the joy of sharing a candy-loaded snow cone with their loved ones!

Whether you're a candy enthusiast or not, our menu extends beyond snow cones to include refreshing alternatives such as pickles, soda, and Topo Chico with lime! Our goal is to ensure there's something picture perfect for every palate.

Beyond our treats, we are committed to providing a memorable work experience for our team members. We cherish the camaraderie that flourishes in our fast-paced environment.

The Melted team takes immense pride in serving the Permian Basin!

Freeze Dried Candy

Introducing Freeze Dried Candy, a revolutionary treat that takes your snacking experience to a whole new level! We are thrilled to present this innovative product that combines the irresistible flavors of your favorite candies with the unique crunch and long-lasting freshness of freeze-drying.
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